For the past decade, God has been preparing my wife and me for a lifetime of ministry. We met through the young adult group in Portage, MI. During our six years in Hawaii we saw the need for teachers and our hearts were filled with the desire to serve God through full-time work. These past two years we have been preparing our hearts and minds at the Bear Valley Bible Institute. This coming May we graduate and are seeking to minister full time on Oahu.

Why Hawaii?

The cost of living is expensive and God’s beauty is astounding, but we are not going for a vacation. There is a real need for truth to be taught and other religions are out-pacing Christ’s church in effort and numbers. Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, and belief-only Christianity is taking the island by storm and people think they are being saved while their souls are being lost. 62% of the islanders say the believe in God, but only 28% belong to any church. Less than 1% belong to the Lord’s church. 

Our six years spent on the island along with our two years of intensive training at Bear Valley Bible Institute have prepared us. We are ready to serve, evangelize, and teach!

The spirit of aloha

Hawaii is like no other place else on earth. It boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Oahu is home to a large number of Asians, Filipinos, Pacific Islanders, and transplants from all over the world. Almost 40,000 military members are stationed on Oahu. It is home to expensive tourist destinations but at the same time struggles with high levels of homelessness, poverty and substance abuse. Hawaii is a mission field in our very own country. People there need the Lord.

Will you join us?

Our goal is not just a year of ministry but the start of a dedicated, self-sustaining congregation on Oahu. Success will take time and we are prepared for the long-haul. With your help, families will be reached, lives changed, and souls saved.