Atomic Impact

Ulm, Germany has Guinness World’s Record for the most crooked house, claims the world’s most narrow house, and has the oldest zoomorphic statue. It is worth mention that it is also home to world’s tallest steeple. Impressed? Some would say, Albert Einstein’s birthplace is worth remembering…still, it is easily overlooked.

Albert frustrated his parents. He was considered slow. He did not learn to speak until the age of 5. In his college years as a student, he made a living teaching math, physics, and science. Eventually, his hobby: researching Theoretical Physics, would rock the world. By 41, he was awarded a Nobel Prize for his publications. At 76 years old, at 1:15 a.m. on April 18, 1955, he died of a ruptured aneurysm. In just a few short years, with his God-given abilities, Einstein forever changed the world. From his work, lives were saved, entire cultures and schools of thought were changed. Peace and prosperity were in his wake, and genius had a new synonym…all from one man.

Bethlehem, Israel. Located in today’s West Bank (read biblical Nazareth) has an economy that is primarily tourist driven. Historically, it bears the question, “Has anything good ever come out of Nazareth?” (John 1:46). If it sounds familiar, it is probably because of Jesus (Matthew 2:1).

Jesus frustrated His parents (Matthew 1:19). He outpaced His teachers (Luke 2:41-52) at the age of 12, and set out quickly to “be about His Father’s business.” No awards or accolades were awarded to Him on earth (Isaiah 53:3) and being familiar with Psalm 23, He knew of his own death…

At 33 years old, at 3pm on a Friday, 30AD, he died of a ruptured heart. In just 3.5 short years (Luke 3:23), Jesus Christ would set the world on a course (Matthew 22:36-40) it had never been on before: love (John 15:13). The power of love goes beyond atomic proportions!

Like Einstein, Jesus had an atomic impact! They changed the world in view of their lives. However, the peace, prosperity, and promise of Jesus Christ reaches beyond the physical atom. This means salvation has a new synonym…all from One God (John 3:16)…Jesus the Christ.


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