Seeds + Sparrows

The illusion of control. It’s a funny thing. I’m again reminded of this as I watch my little girl, in all of her three year old glory, stand there with her hand on her hips giving me “the look” that she no doubt inherited from me.

As a parent, I waiver between being amused at her self-asserting behavior and trying to teach her not everything will bend to her every whim and desire. Some things are beyond her control – regardless of how nicely (or not so nicely) she asks or demands.

It’s a challenging concept for a three year old.

It’s a challenging lesson for me.

Does God see my efforts to take charge and control the same way I see my daughter’s?  I can only hope that on my worst days, He has the grace and patience I try to have with my daughter as I explain to her (and remind myself) that so much of life is letting go and trusting in His will – His good, pleasing and perfect will.

As our family beings this new chapter in our lives, we are attempting to foster a “seed and sparrow” mindset. Planting good seeds and trusting God will provide the increase. All the while, remembering God cares for the sparrows of the field, and we are more valuable than they, so He will most certainly care for us.

We invite you to join us on this journey. To share your challenges and victories with us as we share ours. To step back, stop worrying about tomorrow and breathe in the moment.

How has God provided for you in unexpected ways?

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